About the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services

Mission: "to enable Alabama's children and adults with disabilities

to achieve their maximum potential."

Created by the Alabama Legislature in 1994, the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) is the state agency that serves people with disabilities from birth to old age through a “continuum of services.”

Services are provided through 25 community offices, reaching residents in all 67 counties.

ADRS is comprised of four major programs:

Alabama's Early Intervention System (EI)

Alabama’s Early Intervention System, serving children from birth to age 3, coordinates services statewide for infants and toddlers with developmental delays. 

Children's Rehabilitation Service (CRS)

Children’s Rehabilitation Service, serving children and teens from birth to 21.  CRS provides services for children and adolescents from birth to age 21 with special health-care needs and their families. Every county in Alabama is served through a network of 14 community-based offices. Staff members work closely with local school systems to enable children with disabilities to participate fully in school. 

The CRS Hemophilia Program serves Alabama’s children and adults with this life-threatening blood disorder.

Vocational Rehabilitation Service (VRS)

Vocational Rehabilitation Service, serving teens and adults.  The department’s largest division, VRS provides specialized employment- and education-related services and training to assist teens and adults with disabilities in becoming employed. The VRS-Blind/Deaf program provides assistance to Alabamians statewide through its Blind Services, Deaf Services and OASIS (Older Alabamians System of Information and Services) programs. 

VRS’s Business Relations Program, known as READI-Net (Resources for Employment And Disability Information Network) works with thousands of Alabama businesses on disability-related issues, providing recruitment assistance, disability management, training, and employee retention services.

State of Alabama Independent Living/Homebound Service (SAIL)

State of Alabama Independent Living/Homebound Service, serving individuals with the most-significant disabilities.  SAIL provides a wide range of education and home-based services to assist people with the most-severe disabilities in leading independent lives at home, at school or in the workplace through seven community-based offices located throughout the state.

Prior to the creation of the department, all of ADRS' major programs were housed within the Alabama State Department of Education. 

For more information on the mission and values of ADRS, see our Blueprint for the 21st Century.


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