Business Relations Program: FAQs/Ask the Expert

Questions frequently asked by businesses

  • What is READI-Net and the business relations program?
  • Are you a compliance or an enforcement agency?
  • How can you help business?
  • What are your products and services to meet my needs?
  • Why should I connect with this program?
  • How much do your services cost?
  • How do you screen job candidates?
  • How do you know if a candidate is ready for MY job?
  • Do you have a Talent Pool?
  • What if the person I hire doesn’t work out?
  • Can you help any of my employees if their job is affected by illness, injury, or disability?
  • What kind of training can you offer to me and my staff?
  • Common myths and misperceptions about disability and employment?


Have you got a question about ...

  • recruiting people with disabilities
  • hiring people with disabilities 
  • disabilities, general or specific 
  • financial hiring incentives 
  • in-service training 
  • barriers or accommodations 
  • an employee affected by illness, injury or disability
  • a return-to-work situation
  • affirmative action or “good faith effort”
  • diversity and disability
  • resources 
  • finding help

... or just about anything related to disability in the workplace?

Just ask us!

We’ll provide a prompt response with an answer or a referral to someone else who might help.

And your questions will remain anonymous!

Click here to submit your questions. They will be sent to the administrator of the Business Relations program at the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services, the agency that helps on matters regarding disability in the workplace.

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