Business Relations Program: Incentive$


Is the economy putting the squeeze on your business? If so, the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) may have a solution through our READI-Net (Resources for Employment and Disability Information Network) COST-SAVING INCENTIVE$.

Through a variety of pre- and post-hire fiscal options available to Alabama employers, you can reduce your recruiting, training, and staffing costs. These short-term incentives include:

Wage reimbursement

Up to 50 percent reimbursement of a new hire’s starting salary for up to 3 months


Job-site “tryouts”at your company – no strings attached

On-the-job evaluations (OJE): short-term job-site assessment of candidates 

Work site “try outs” or internships: Up to three months to “try out” a candidate prior to potential hire with no cost and no obligation to the company. 

These options come with:

  • No obligation to hire the candidate 
  • No requirement to have an existing job vacancy 
  • ADRS-paid stipend to the job candidate at or above minimum wage 
  • ADRS-paid accident insurance

These incentives also allow you to:

  • Screen job candidates before you consider hiring them 
  • Train job candidates before or after hire, at little or no cost  to your business 


Other incentives include:

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Incentives for Hiring Veterans



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