Business Relations: Recruit or Post a Job

ADRS and READI-Net have one of the most valuable resources for any business – a pre-screened and skilled workforce to match your vacancies.  Tap into one of the largest and underutilized talent pools in the country:  people with disabilities. 


This talent pool is readily available to your business through the click of a button or through one-on-one recruiting with the READI-Net business relations consultant in your area.

On-line Access to Recruit a Candidate

A real-time, direct access, statewide talent bank is at your fingertips.  Designed by Alabama business leaders through ABLE Network (Alabama Business Leadership Employment Network), this talent bank is populated with candidates have been prescreened in order to reduce or eliminate barriers to employment.  They are work-ready and searchable electronically by location, skills, job objective, veterans status and much more.  Click here to access this talent bank.

Person-to-Person Recruitment

Connect with a local ADRS Business Relations Consultant to customize recruitment efforts for your vacancies.  These staff work directly with businesses throughout Alabama, but are locally based, and will offer the following services to address your specific recruitment needs:

  • Job Site review: to become acquainted with the specifications of your vacancies and your screening preferences for the best match
  • Pre-screening before referral:  a customized review of each job candidate to determine if they can meet the demands of your job vacancies based on your priorities for knowledge, skills and abilities
  • No obligation, no-cost “tryout”: U.S. Department of Labor has created pre-hire work options for selected candidates from ADRS.  If you’ve never hired a person with a disability before, or if you’re not sure that a particular candidate can perform the job tasks, you can use this option to try out a potential hire and determine if it’s the right match. During the pre-hire trial period, we will work with you to make sure the candidate can do the job and, if necessary, consider any accommodations that might be helpful for a successful hire.
  • Job-site training: an option to provide wage reimbursement to cover your costs for training an ADRS referral that is hired ... OR access to an ADRS-provided “job coach” on site to ensure one-on-one coaching for a new hire.
  • Post-hire follow-up:  Our staff are always available to assist you with questions or special issues related to an employee you have hired from us. We continue to work with you to meet your future needs as business demands change.
  • Outplacement assistance:  As your outplacement specialist, we can assist employees with disabilities who can no longer work for your company and who want to re-employ with another.


Take advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate “good faith effort” and advertise your “hot” job vacancies in a controlled environment.  Link to the Alabama Business Leadership Employment Network (ABLE Network) to learn more.

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