Application Information

Merit System

ADRS is a state agency; therefore, positions are filled through the merit system. To be considered for a job, you must be on a state register.  Positions are filled on an equal opportunity basis.

How to Apply

  • Obtain an official Application for Examination form by contacting the State Personnel Department at (334-242-3672), downloading it from their website, or contacting your local State Employment Office.
  • Complete and submit an official application form for each position as directed on the top of the application form.
  • There are many different job classes with the state. The job classes used by ADRS are listed on this website. 
  • To learn about all jobs available in state government, obtain an Employment Guide from the State Personnel Department.

How You Are Rated

  • To be considered, you must meet the minimum requirements as listed on the job announcement.
  • Your consideration to be placed on an employment register may be based on a written test, training and experience evaluation, or an experience questionnaire.
  • Scoring of applicants is based on the results of the testing. The state register is a list of the names of those who have successfully completed by examination, arranged in order of their ratings (score).
  • Veteran's credit consisting of five points added to the score (or 10 points for a disabled veteran) is available with proper documentation.

How Appointments Are Made

State agencies request a register from the State Personnel Department. If you are not currently working, you will be hired at the minimum of the pay range.

In the provision of services and in employment practices, the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, creed, national origin, religion, age or disability.

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