Rehab Engineering and Assistive Technology Services

Rehabilitation technology specialist mounts a device in an augmentative communication technology clinic.

Assistive technology plays a vital role in helping Alabamians with disabilities to live and work independently. Rehabilitation technology specialists solve rehabilitation problems through the systematic application of technology, engineering methodologies, and scientific principles to meet the needs of people with disabilities in the areas of employment, transportation, education, independent living, rehabilitation and recreation.

ADRS uses assistive technology to help people at school, work, and in their communities. Our Rehabilitation Technology Specialists assist consumers with job accommodations, home modifications, educational technology and adaptive computers.

Additionally, our statewide rehabilitation technology specialists are members of various technology teams and consumer service groups such as the Augmentative Communication Technology Team. They provide job site and task analysis assessments and architectural accessibility surveys, and recommend modifications for tools, equipment, furnishings, and adaptive technologies. These specialists also train consumers, staff, and others in the use of assistive technology.

The expanding role of technology in today’s world, coupled with the ADRS commitment to providing quality services and outcomes, ensures that Alabamians with disabilities achieve their maximum potential.

For further information concerning rehabilitation technology services in Alabama, call Michael Papp at 1-800-671-6837 (or TTY 800-499-1816).

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