Children's Rehabilitation Service Vendor Information

To serve clients and families, Children’s Rehabilitation Service (CRS) conducts business with associates who have met certain minimum requirements as required by the State of Alabama and CRS policy.  These business associates are referred to as “vendors.”  There are three types of vendors: 

  • Physician vendors – physicians or dental professionals
  • Non-physician vendors – allied health professionals in the following fields: audiology, certified occupational therapy assistant, durable medical equipment, neuropsychology, nutrition, orthotics and prosthetics, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physical therapy assistant, registered nurse, speech-language pathology, therapeutic recreation/recreational therapy
  • Pharmacy vendors
  • Hospital vendors
  • Interpreters
  • General vendors - services not covered by other categories, such as medical supply companies, home health agencies, infusion services, and ambulances

All vendors are required to have current licensure and/or certification as appropriate for their specialty area and must provide services in accordance with licensing and certification standards or rules and regulations of the profession’s licensing or certification board or body.  All vendors must also maintain current professional liability insurance.  Vendors are responsible for maintaining current contact information as well as documentation of current and valid licensure and/or certification and professional liability insurance on file at all times in the CRS State Office in Montgomery.  

New individuals, companies, or organizations must complete an application packet to be considered as a CRS vendor.  Vendor application packets can be obtained by calling the local CRS office.

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