APTAT is one of 56 Assistive Technology Act Programs federally funded by Health and Human Services Administration for Community Living (HHS/ACL). APTAT is administered through the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) whose mission is to enable all Alabamians with disabilities to achieve their maximum potential.

APTAT guides individuals through the process of locating and obtaining technology to assist them at work, school, play, and in everyday life.

APTAT services are free and available to Alabamians regardless of disability or age.

Mission: To increase access to and acquisition of, assistive technology for Alabamians of all ages and all disabilities through a variety of comprehensive activities, programs and services available statewide.

Visit to access free online training modules on Aging, Education, Employment, Independent Living, Transition, etc. and free AT Resources and tools.

To learn more about APTAT Reutilization, AT Short-term loans and AT Demonstrations programs, please visit the new APTAT AT4ALL website at


Assistive Technology (AT) Device is any item, piece of equipment or product, whether acquired commercially, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of an individual with a disability. Some examples of AT include:

  • Adaptations to computers, including specialized software
  • Augmentative Communication Devices (AAC)
  • Magnifying glasses, CCTVs, calculators, tape recorders
  • Adaptive switches, toys, etc.
  • Books on tape or other formats
  • Auditory trainers, TTY/TDDs, Braille Readers/ Notetakers
  • Environmental Control Units
  • Scooters, standers, wheelchairs
  • Adaptive vehicles (buses, vans, cars)
  • Lifts and ramps

Assistive Technology Services are any service that directly assists an individual with a disability in the selection, acquisition, or use of an assistive technology device, such as:

  • Evaluations of AT needs
  • Purchasing, leasing, providing for the acquisition of AT
  • Selecting, designing, fitting, customizing, adapting, applying, maintaining, repairing, replacing, or donating AT devices
  • Coordination use of necessary therapies, interventions
  • Training or technical assistance for individual with a disability, family member, etc.
  • Training or technical assistance for professionals, employers or others who provide services to or involved in the major life functions of individuals with disabilities
  • Expanding the availability of access to technology to individuals with disabilities

APTAT guides individuals through the process of locating and obtaining technology to assist them at work, school, play, and in everyday life. STAR services are free and available to Alabamians regardless of disability or age. STAR can assist you with:

  • Information and Referral
  • Equipment Reutilization
  • Assistive Technology Demonstrations
  • Assistive Technology Short-term Loans
  • Assistive Technology Training/ Workshops
  • Alternative Financing to purchase needed equipment and AT

The emergence and expansion of technology is evident in today’s modern society. APTAT services coupled with ADRS rehab technology specialists and engineers are committed to ensuring that Alabamians with disabilities get the technology they need to be more productive and independent in school, work, play and community.

Eligibility: AT services are available to all ADRS consumers wanting to improve their employment potential and/or maximizing their educational experience. These services are provided at the ADRS Lakeshore* facility in Birmingham, as well as at a consumer’s work site, in the school setting, or in the home as needed.

For more information concerning rehabilitation technology services in Alabama, call 800-671-6837, or TTY (800) 499-1816.

*ADRS Lakeshore Rehabilitation located in Birmingham also has an Assistive Technology program that offers up-to-date evaluation and consultation services for consumers who require assistive technology to work and/or go to school as independently as possible. Click here for more information about Lakeshore.

Alabama’s Alternative Finance Program (The Ability Loan Program) allows applicants to borrow money at low-interest and/or extend the terms for the purchase of assistive technology, adaptive equipment and related services. Alternative financing can help:

  • Pay for devices not covered by public programs;
  • Equipment Reutilization
  • Providing a loan sooner than other public programs; and/or
  • Have another funding source available

The alternative financing program is administered through the Southern Disability Foundation Inc., a community-based organization founded in collaboration with APTAT.

APTAT’s reutilization programs meet the needs of individuals of all ages with all types of disabilities. A variety of durable medical equipment and other assistive technology devices are free and available with no disability or age restrictions.

Partnerships with community-based organizations have been instrumental in establishing and making AT reutilization programs available statewide. APTAT supports five reutilization centers to increase options for acquiring no-cost/low-cost AT for individuals with disabilities. (Link to download list of centers with contact info)

Visit our online inventory database for a list of available items via the APTAT Reuse Network

Contact us by calling (800) 782-7656 or send an email.


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